Treat Your Clients Like Royalty

Improve the Client Experience and Dramatically Increase Your Income

Growing Your Business Starts by Creating an Amazing Client Experience!

Gregor Hočevar’s business enjoys success, due to his use of communication, behavior and knowledge, the critical skills for creating an amazing client experience. This book is a manual regarding how to treat your clients from the first interaction through the completion of a sale and beyond. By following the steps outlined, you can build trust with your clients that keeps them coming back.

Right from the first chapter, Gregor gives you critical tools and principles for success, breaking down aspects of the client experience and how you can make it better. He also shares examples from his chimney and fireplace business to demonstrate those tools and principles in action.

Building a business takes work and effort, yet it can all be for nothing if your clients do not have an amazing experience! Treat Your Clients Like Royalty: Improve the Client Experience and Dramatically Increase Your Income is where Gregor shares how he has grown his business by creating an amazing client experience with every interaction.

Treating your client like royalty starts by building a culture where every employee is focused on creating an amazing client experience to keep them coming back and dramatically increase your income.

Treat Your Clients Like Royalty demonstrates how to grow your business in a way that will keep it profitable for years to come!

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About The Author

Gregor Hočevar is an author, entrepreneur, public speaker, and business owner, with an adventurous and athletic spirit. He encourages business owners to grow their businesses with the principles outlined in Treat Your Clients Like Royalty. Gregor currently lives in Slovenia, with his beautiful wife and two daughters.

Treat Your Clients Like Royalty

Improve the Client Experience and Dramatically Increase Your Income

Chapter 1: Listen and Build Trust

Gregor starts by discussing how to build trust with your clients through your listening skills. He focuses on ways to improve your listening skills and how to make sure your clients know that you heard them.

Chapter 2:

Keeping a High Energy Level, the focus turns inward. Gregor discusses the energy level that you bring to your client interactions and the importance of high energy from the first meeting to the last.

Chapter 3:

Creating a Win-Win Situation, Gregor shows you how creating a win-win situation benefits your client and helps to build your business. This process includes shifting your focus from just getting a sale to building a relationship.

Chapter 4:

Being Early is the New on Time, Gregor focuses on how managing your time can create a positive first impression on a client and start your relationship off on the right note.

Chapter 5:

Offering Extras, the point is to find ways to connect with your clients using the resources available to your team, through add-ons or other bonuses. Extras also offer you a chance to stand out from the competition.

Chapter 6:

Creating WOW Moments, is focused on building an amazing customer experience over the course of a client’s interactions with your business. The point is to make your client feel special and important.

Chapter 7:

Education and Training, Gregor teaches you how important it is to keep educating yourself and your team. He also demonstrates the importance of staying up to date on the latest developments in your industry, thus giving your clients an amazing experience.

Chapter 8:

Offering Quality Products and Services, Gregor points out how the client experience is not just based on the interactions that your team has with a client, but the quality of the product or service that your client receives. He teaches you how to make sure your high standards are demonstrated through the quality of your offerings.

Chapter 9:

Perfect Customer Support, you will learn the importance of quality customer support, both before and after the sale. The point is to focus on long-term gains for your business by creating a relationship that bring a client back time and again.

Chapter 10:

Be Grateful, is where Gregor shares the importance of showing gratitude to your clients. After all, they didn’t have to choose to do business with you, but they did, and efforts to show gratitude can be a wonderful way to keep them coming back for more.

Treat Your Clients Like Royalty

Improve the Client Experience and Dramatically Increase Your Income

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